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Guangzhou Virotech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2015 in Guangzhou, PR China as a biotechnology company to develop the Alphavirus M1 platform for oncolytic virus therapy.

Our current scientific focus is on the anti-tumour mechanisms of oncolytic virus M1 and its synergists, as well as related in vitro diagnostics.

Recombinant Oncolytic Virus
M1 for Infusion: M1-c6v1
As a modified Alphavirus M1 that enhances tumor lysis, M1-c6v1 is designed to be efficient and safe, administered by intravenous or arterial infusion. Lyophilised for convenient transport and storage, the product has broad efficacy against solid tumours
Pre-clinical studies performed under GLP in certified laboratories found no relevant toxicity in multiple species

1st Generation of M1 Virus
M1-aPD1/aPDL1/aCTLA42nd Generation of M1 Virus
M1 4.7Aparticle structure
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Virotech is located in Guangzhou high-tech industrial development zone science city
Room 801-808 and 901-908, Incubator H, No. 3 Juquan Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou,510663,P.R.China
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